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Charmaine Keller

Sprint PCS Customer Solutions: Retention Education Training

This training awareness campaign started as a renewed focus for the Customer Retention staff. Using the Sprint-sponsored Petty car tied with the campaign slogan "Race to Retain", the campaign began by Charmaine's designing and illustrating a logo.Banners and posters distributed throughout the contact centers helped draw the Retention Customer Care staff's attention to priority points of focus.Notepads and pens at each station helped keep the points top in their minds when handling customers.

"Wish I had screened the checkerboard boarder down to about 20%. It fights with the logo and layout." —Charmaine

Banners: Approx 8'x3'
Notepads: 5"x7"
Posters: 24"x36" approx
T-shirts: All sizes, cotton.



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Sprint PCS Customer Retention campaign