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Charmaine Keller

Sprint PCS' Customer Care
Solutions Training

The "Eddie" Campaign



The training department for Sprint PCS Customer Care division was bombarded with constant changes in phone plans, system process changes, law changes for every state. Every change meant some form of training or education initiative enacted for the 13,000+ customer service staff.

Research showed contact center staff had been forwarding too many calls to retail stores for solution when the calls should have been handled by the customer service person.

Since there were very few instances when it was ok to forward to retail, the choice was made to keep it simple—educate the staff to focus on when it was ok.

The goal was to come out with bold visuals. There were many campaigns from different teams going on all at once all the time which created a confusing environment for the customer specialists. Therefore, an unusual approach to get their attention was needed.



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Available demographics revealed average customer service staff was comprised of mostly early 20's females, possessing a high-school diploma and possibly two years college. On that basis, the design focused on youthful psychology by using hip hop, sassy characters.

Charmaine chose to begin with an imposing, seven-foot tall stand-up... Eddie. The approach was an in-your-face challenge "Bet I can stump you!"

The stand-ups were positioned at the entrance of each contact center production floor or breakroom. A red, lighted button with the Sprint logo protruded from the pointing finger of each standup and a message was heard that directed the staff to the training intranet website, Velocity.

Click the button on Eddie's finger to hear his message.
You may need a media player loaded to hear it.