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Charmaine L. Keller

Sprint PCS

Wireless Web Awareness Campaign

A policy regarding which group of customer specialists would handle wireless web calls had changed. Instead of a selected group to whom all calls were routed, the entire Sprint PCS customer care population would be handling them. That prompted an enormous training and education endeavor, but classroom training was considered too expensive when looking at a cost impacting division of the company.

A two-month long game and collateral information dissemination campaign staged before the policy enacted proved to be the solution. Posters, buttons, AVI and animated hit spots on Velocity, the intranet training website home page, helped draw attention. Game answers along with their location in Velocity were shown on AVI a week in advance of the quiz. The quiz took place in Velocity.

Charmaine designed all the visuals, the online game and copywriting for this campaign.

To see the actual online test, click the image (right) or this sentence.

If the game does not begin, you may need the Shockwave Player for Director installed in your system to view the application. The icon below will take you to the Macromedia download page.

Shockwave Player Download

When ready, click anywhere in the picture area to launch the application.


Wireless Web